The mind is a powerful organ that humans use generally 0.1% – that is POINT ONE PERCENT of, and some studies say 10%. Some truly have mastered more than just the five typical senses – sight, sound, taste, touch and smell. Meditation seriously can train one to be more capable in certain areas. If one does self-talk daily or several times daily, it is guaranteed to create belief. Some call this subliminal messages Think of the few geniuses or those with photographic memory, or any such “gifts”. It is truly possible. Unfortunately, people can be influenced in negative ways from certain persons or experiences. Sometimes terminal illness, intense sickness and any other form of loss influences people negatively. If one chooses to believe in some possibility or ability then it can become reality. The resources are available to help make things possible. Each person has control of the outcomes. It takes a moment of not letting anyone or anything interfere with the potential or possibilities. People are more than just what is known. There is much more. Many do not realize that many things are choices that we have control of.