Meeting people is hard at times when we are all different with our values, morals and personalities. Finding those whom we share common ground with and those who we feel a connection to is also tough. It truly takes skill and being creative without being deceitful or dishonest, to screen those we meet in order to find the “gems” that we want 2 keep. It is like searching for a job and going through many interviews and passing one b4 we get the job. Ideally we want a particular job, just like we want a particular companion 4 a friend or partner. All things that are contributed to, meaning that we give our best effort, are generally rewarded with patience. All things we put effort into are generally rewarded in time. It takes patience and humility, rather than desperation and being overly-confident. Many times we are complimented by certain people that we meet because they possess a quality or ability that we lack in and we possess a quality or ability that they lack in. It is best not to envy or become jealous because that will create tensions and mistrust, insecurity and other pessimistic behaviours. We want our quests to be positive, healthy and uplifting. Plus, we most likely want to find a friend or companion who is a keeper.