TheĀ  world is varied with personalities, talents, abilities, experiences and views. As a result of that, there are a quite a few clashes, conflicts and debates. Everyone has a unique perspective or opinion, based on the influences of up-bringing, friendships, relationships, even enemies. The media stereo-types much of how people “ought” to be in all forms; spiritually, mentally, physically, emotionally, as spouses, siblings, any kind of relationship, parenting and oneself alone. Situations occur where there is a difference of some kind, but people don’t realize that it’s all about choice, when the situation becomes complicated or escalates. Each one controlls only his/herself, whether actions or words, even thoughts. The outcome or results depend on this very thing. When that control is taken from a person, which is the case a lot unfortunately, there is still control, given resources and support. It is very possible to heal from bad circumstances in some way. I know this from more than 3 different bad experiences. It matters most, how one thinks. The mind is the most powerful tool in the world, which makes things achieveable, attainable and possible. Something that is taken for granted and considered insignificant is actually the most powerful invisible guidance that we have in life when it comes to successes and getting through any scenario.