Mental health issues as a result of brain injury, like brain-damage, which further results in severe depression & suicidal behaviors. The connections inside the brain, ¬†that enable one to think, feel, problem-solve and function; have been rearranged. Therefore, one is disabled in several ways, including mentally. While the addressed resources were to find additional in-home help for the mentally challenged person, but was taking over 2wks, the person had a breakdown tryng to keep up with duties etc. This person initiated the in-home help but was told it could not be family. when this person “snapped” by attempting suicide, the children were removed and now the person has supervised visitation at community services. Regardless of acknowledging the unhealthy mistake, accepting accountability for the mistake, maintaining stability through specific medicine and appointments with different therapists, this person is denied full rights to the children, like several parents who deal with MCFD. This brain-injured, mentally disabled parent takes responsibility, co-operates, remains civil and tactful but would like to hear from others who have or can share info related to the ministry of children and families that is sonewhat like this situation. Given a proven amount of time where stability and progress are shown, the right to parenting will be renewed or upgraded, sort of like getting a promotion for good behaviour and co-operation. It can be likened to a person who has been incarcerated and ends up on parole or probation as a result of good¬† behaviour and progress which allows society officials to feel more secure about the safety of the person in the community.