The connections inside the complex human brain are a body’s central processing unit, the manager or executive to one’s lifelong duties or functions. Familiar with the word injury, which means harm or damage that is done to a part of one’s body. Brain injury truly can rearrange the connections in your brain that allow a person to cope, function, think, perform, feel, problem-solve, etc. If these connections are rearranged because of any kind of serious injury to one’s head, then it alters the five senses, as well as one’s cognitive abilities, personality, mobility, employment, partnerships, financial means and other capabilities; if one survives. Helmet laws are wise. Sport equipment is also wise. One would not want to wake to an unknown place with unknown people and unknown as to what has or how something happened. There are resources so people can be educated. It is quite a common injury, as is any injury, but is one of the worst. An amputation, going blind or deaf, paralyzed and other such injuries are manageable. However, the head is the manager of all things, including those other injuries, so protect your head. You spend a certain amount of time becoming familiar with your role in life whether at work, with friends or in a family. Injury to the head can change all of that and can be likened to a stone shot from a catapult.